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Happy Anniversary my dear lovely fat belly double chin

Alhamdulillah, we finally reach the date we've being waiting for .

today, 07/07/2015 make us officially one years sharing our life.

Thank you sayang for this 1 whole year .

Im so happy with you .

From strangers, to a friend, and a friend to a sweet lovely couple .

Who would thought we could love each other so fast?

Today is a happy day for the both of us.

Today is our special day for all that we have been through, we reach this far.

It has been quite some time, we have gone through a lot of thing together.

 07/07/2014 is the day we declare our relationship, is the day where everything started.

Thanks for being my brothers, friends, enemies (hahaha), bestfriends, supporters and also my advisor for what i'm doing right now!

No one else would understand our relationship and no one else in this world would understand me the way you do.

Yuyun dah tak kisah kalau ada yang tak suka kita berkawan, yang Yuyun tahu tu hak diorang, and maybe diorang dengki diorang tak laku hahahaha tapi

Yuyun sendiri taknak kita putus kawan sebab benda yang merepek and langsung tak masuk akal.

Thanks Ammar, thanks for everything. Setahun bukan satu masa yang singkat, thanks walaupun macam-macam yang jadi dalam hubungan kita,

Im glad we could get through anything, ups and downs, together.

I'm glad you found me and hold on to me, never let me go, even in our worse condition.

Kita still boleh berbincang and jadi kawan yang baik for future.

You know, I loved to see you smile, and knowing Im the cause of that happiness.
I love anything about you .

I loved the times when you told me you love me .

You makes me live in a world in the better place .

You are my guardian angel .

I need you in every second of my life .

Sorry atas salah silap Yuyun selama kita berkawan and hope sangat hubungan ni takkan putus sampai bila-bila . 

As long as you're here with me, I know I'll be okay.

Biar je la masa yang tentukan ape yang bakal jadi untuk akan datang kan .

Sayang. i love you cause who you are.

 Thank you for all and everything sayang. I'm happy i have you as the love of my life.

Happy Anniversary my dear Muhammad Ammar .

I will love you till death apart us.

and my love to you will continue and grows in Jannah.

Insha Allah .

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